Master HOA Amenities

Key Colony HOA / Master HOA Amenities
Tennis Courts

Key Colony has (12) Tennis Court, hard courts material, managed by the Homeowner’s Association (HOA).

Hours: Winter Time 7:00 am – 5:00 pm or Sunset.
Summer Time 7:00 am – 8:00 pm or Sunset.
Rules: Click HERE to download the latest updated Approved Tennis Court Rules from 02.16.2022
Para las reglas en espanol, click AQUI
Reservation system applies through Key Colony App. Click for ANDROID or IPHONE

Lap Pool
The Key Colony Lap Pool is a 6 lanes - 75 ft long swimming pool, temperate water and lighted during night hours, it also has a Sun Deck area; the pool was completely rebuilt and reopened on 2018.

Location: The Lap Pool is located above the HOA Office at 235 Crandon Blvd. building, the pool can be accessed by walking only through the onsite property sidewalks.
Hours Hours: 6:00 am – Dusk.
Rules: Click to download the Rules in English & Spanish - Reservation system applies through Playtomic App. Click for ANDROID or IPHONE

Ocean Pool

The Ocean pool is a 75,000 gal. of waters, common recreational pool with a bath capacity of (42) persons, water temperate, handicap restroom available, sitting and tanning area is limited to a first come first serve system, furniture is also provide by the Homeowner’s Association.
Location: The Ocean pool is located in front of the Beach between The Tidemark – Key Colony No.1 and The Oceansound – Key Colony No.2, the pool can be accessed by walking only through the common deck areas. The access through The Oceansound garage area should be use to access the pool only if is strictly necessary.
Hours: 8:00 am – Dusk.
Rules: Click to download de Rules in English & Spanish


Bar-Restaurant with lounge and siting tables area in front of the Key Colony beach, serves lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and cocktails.

Location: The Sandbar is located by the Gazebo area at the Key Colony Ocean pool.

Hours Wednesday – Sunday & Holidays between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Rules: The Sandbar is for the exclusive use of the Key Colony residents and their guest.


HOA Playground is a common use children’s amenity, it offers a recreational space for small kids and younger toddlers (5-12 years old).
Location: The HOA Playground is located behind the Lap Pool building and next to the Tennis Courts, it can be accessed by walking through the sidewalks or you can park by the Convenience Center.
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset.
Rules: The Playground is for the exclusive use of the Key Colony residents and their guest and it can be also reserve in advance for small parties by contacting the HOA Office – You can review the Rules HERE

Convenient Center (including the Golden Hog & Ceci’s Salon)

The Convenience Center is a small facility building that provides to the Key Colony residents, services such as; a Beaty Salon, Spa & Massage – Ceci’s Spa and a Food & Vine Market – The Golden Hog. The C. Center shares a parking lot with the HOA Playground and it also offers a sitting area in front of the Water Fountains.

Location: HOA Convenience Center is located between Oceansound – Key Colony No.2 and Tidemark – Key Colony No.1, it can be easily accessed from by walking a short distance from any of the Key Colony towers.

Hours Hours: Monday – Sunday & Holidays between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Rules: Click HERE to review the Rules.